Recorded live on 4th February 2018 at Stroud Valleys Art Space, UK.

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Track List:
1. Little Girl (05:05)
2. Movement (02:58)
3. In Your Bed (04:16)
4. Shelter (04:19)
5. Lovin' Machine (02:58)
6. Voodoo Workin' (04:18)
7. The Cuckoo (06:29)
8. Como Blues (05:02)
9. Run On (06:21)
10. Come Along (05:51)



The Achievers are a UK band specialising in vintage dance music rooted in Rhythm & Blues. With hundreds of performances across the UK & Europe there has never been a better time to hear The Achievers do what they do best. 

Their debut album 'Live at The SVA' captures The Achievers expressing their musical philosophy of playing 'in the moment' choosing, as they always have, to shape their sound on stage according to the energy of the audience instead of the rehearsal room. Formed in 2013  and hitting the road soon after (including numerous international tours) the band have not held a single rehearsal - relying instead on their musicianship, a love of performing and a strange telepathy born out of their closeness as friends.

Influenced in equal measure by mid-tempo American Rhythm & Blues and the uplifting output of Gospel vocal groups such as The Dixie Hummingbirds and the Golden Gate Quartet, the band's original music remains firmly British in it's themes and values.   

'Live at The SVA' includes three R&B tracks from the 50s & early 60s that regularly feature in their live set, and two traditional songs - all rearranged by the band somewhere down the line. The band's original tracks (2, 3, 4, 8 & 10) can move freely into southern soul, Americana, and even traditional music (e.g. The Cuckoo), but always return to the roots of R&B and gospel.

Of the five original tracks on the Album, 'Come Along' captures The Achievers at their most adventurous. At the end of the session, with everyone about to pack up and seek refreshment, vocalist Steve Ferbrache threw out a previously unheard gospel hook and prompted the band to join in. The result is a track entirely improvised on the spot - prompting the listener to get involved with what The Achievers are trying to do: ride out the tough times playing the music they love, find the good times and keep moving forward.

Artwork: Alex Merry (

Engineered by: Matthias Weston

Mixed by: Aron Attwood & Matthias Weston

Vocals & Guitar: Steve Ferbrache

Drums & Vocals: Aron Attwood

Harmonica & Vocals: Rufus Fry

Bass: Ben Sutherland

Guitar: Robert Holmes

*Handclaps and guest vocals overdubbed later provided by Laura Dinham